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Kick Back Barbecue’s custom-made mobile smoker trailer was built in Texas, the heart of southern barbecue. The trailer was built with mobility, flexibility, and the Montana climate in mind. Custom modifications were made to ensure that we can smoke meats during the heart of a cold Montana winter. The entire unit was fabricated from hand-cut steel at a family run business. The builders hand-crafted us a one of a kind barbeque beast on wheels. It’s not a name you’ll see at the hardware store or while dodging traffic in a box store, but that’s what Kick Back is all about. You can't stand out while getting in line.

We like meat. A lot. So we had them build a rig that can hold over 600 pounds of meat. Yep, that’s a lot of meat. With all that space we’re able to smoke multiple cuts from all them delicious animals all at once. Like Noah’s Ark, but smokier.

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