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We can cook a wide variety of barbecue. If you don’t see what you’re jonesin’ for, please ask and we’ll do what we can to get it for you. If we can’t do it well, we’ll be sure to let you know up front.

There are a lot of meats, and even more cuts of each so it is not practical to list every animal and its parts. Fish, birds, mammals, etc. can make for a long list to read so we only list our staples below. 


Keep in mind, we cook every thing to order. From scratch. If we have to take it out of a bag and nuke it, we won't serve it. Ever. It takes a lot of time and attention to do BBQ right so you won't be able to get anything without at least 24 hours notice. (That's a good thing by the way.) 




​Animals we do list:                                            


Pulled pork sandwich

House-rubbed pork shoulder, slow-smoked for 12 hours or until fall-off-the-bone tender. Then hand pulled and served in a nice big pile like a pork salad—our favorite kind of salad. This salad comes on a bun with slaw. Onion, cheese, and pickles are included too.

Pulled pork sliders

A smaller version of the sandwich, but a little more fun. These come on a slider bun with slaw. Sauce, onion, cheese, and pickles are 3 included too.

Whole pork loin

Served with fruit chutney with a little kick.

Pork spare ribs 

Coated in our custom house-made dry rub then slow-smoked for hours for a tender fall-off-the-bone finish. Or you can get them with a little tug necessary. Your call. Want them wet? No problem—pick one of our house made sauces.

Pork belly 

Spicy Asian style or classic. Marinated and slow-smoked in spicy garlic chili paste gives the right amount of heat while the classic is coated in our custom house-made dry rub then slow-smoked for a flavor packed slice of goodness.

​Chicken quarters

Pretty much health food. Almost vegan. They’re moist and tender and can be served coated in barbecue sauce or seasoned with a dry rub.

​Chicken tenderloin

Chicken tenderloins glazed with our house made BBQ sauce.

​Beef brisket sandwich

A true low and slow smoked Black Angus USDA brisket cooked for 18 hours or more. Yep, 18 hours. See that little pink ring? That’s the welcome sign to heaven.

Beef brisket chili

The same slow smoked brisket added to a house made thick chili. Served with onion, cheese, fresh jalapeno, and rolls.


Each of our sauces is made in-house, the culmination of years of tinkering in the kitchen to find perfection.  



Kick Back BBQ sauce

A versatile hybrid of two southern styles, this is a sweet sauce with plenty of zing that perfectly accompanies any type of smoked meat.


Kick Back white BBQ sauce

An Alabama-inspired white sauce we don’t see all that often up here in the north country.


Kick Back mustard sauce

A sweet and tangy sauce using mustard as the base, just like they do it in South Carolina.



​Little fatties

Our signature side! Cream cheese and veggie stuffed sausage, wrapped in thick bacon. It’s swine-on-swine action in a bite sized bundle. 

Coleslaw - Included with Pulled Pork

A vinegar-based marinated slaw mix with no dairy involved.

​Baked beans - Included 

A traditional baked bean recipe with some Kick Back BBQ flare.

​Whole kernel corn - Included

It’s corn. Roasted fresh and served hot.

​Corn on the cob

It’s corn. On the cob. Boiled fresh and served hot. No utensils necessary.

Smoked mac and cheese

A four-cheese blend (cream cheese, cheddar, parmesan, and gouda) mixed with little shell noodles and finished with just a touch of smoke, like Burt Reynolds voice.

Grilled veggies

Grilled carrots, peppers, zucchini, and onions charred in olive oil and light seasonings.

Roasted red potatoes

Pretty obvious, but roasted red potatoes gently seasoned.

​Garden salad

Mixed greens and fresh veggies with your choice of two dressings (ranch, blue cheese, balsamic vinaigrette, italian, and thousand island).

Caprese skewer

Mozzarella balls with fresh basil and cherry tomatoes on a stick with a balsamic drizzle. These light bites are perfect for that summer feeling.

Cheese and crackers

This tray is an assortment of cheese and crackers to nibble on while waiting for the main event.

​Bacon wrapped dates

Sweet dates wrapped in bacon for the best of the sweet and salty in a delicious bite.

​Candied bacon

EXTRA thick cut bacon strips candied in maple syrup and brown sugar. For real. Your mouth will thank you.


You know, the round things. With sugar in them.


Bottled Water

Canned Soda


We don't handle the beers. Our insurance company is already skittish about the firebox on wheels so we let you handle the adult beverages. We don't care what you bring on your own so feel free to do what you do.

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