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Barbecue is our passion and art; we’ve been perfecting our rubs, injections, sauces, and smoking style our entire adult lives. We’re locals, serving fresh ingredients, not a chain simply pulling something out of a bag and warming it up for you.


Our goal is to share our tender, juicy smoked meats with the public in a laid back manner. No pretense here. We use natural flavors that complement the meat instead of drowning it in sauce. We take our time and do it the hard way because that’s the way it’s done best. Everything we offer on our menu is something we’re proud of—if we don’t do it well, we don’t offer it.

Kick Back Barbecue is devoted to providing our customers with a unique, one of a kind, experience. We strive to fulfill any and all requests through simple, fresh, southern-style barbecue at reasonable prices. 


Aaron and Jessie

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